Guangzhou Port's infrastructure upgrades are underway
SOURCE: Guangzhou Port Group |UPDATED: 2019-12-25Visit Statistics:

The Port of Guangzhou is accelerating the construction work on its two main infrastructure projects. 

The building of 28 grain silos for the No.11 and No.12 Berths (General and Barge Berths) Project of the Xinsha Terminal started on December 20. Each silo is 23 meters wide and 51.5 meters high, and is made of reinforced concrete. Once completed, the grain storage capacity of the Xinsha Port area will increase to 600,000 tons. 

The V and VI sections of Guangzhou Port’s deep-water channel also began construction earlier on December 17, as the final part of a project to expand the current waterway. 

The expansion is designed for the two-way navigation of 150,000 ton-class container ships (partially loaded). The project broke ground on September 2016 and was carried out in two phases, with completion scheduled for the end of 2020. 

The southern extension, with a length of 50.2 kilometers, was put into use in 2017 and has greatly eased the traffic pressure of large container ships in the Nansha Port area. The V and VI sections, as part of the phase-two project, are being built at the northernmost end of the channel with a total length of 8.2 kilometers.  

The sea-going deep waterway is regarded as the lifeline not only for the Port of Guangzhou, but also for ports in the Greater Bay Area. Its expansion will help reduce the lay time of vessels at the port and thus improve on-time arrivals and departures of container liners.

Editor: Pauline Tai