Fresh cherries: 2.5 hrs. from port to market
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The Nansha Port of Guangzhou now boasts the fastest and most cost-effective cherry express service in South China. Upon arriving at port, Chilean cherries reached the Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market in Guangzhou from ship unloading within only 2.5 hours.  

The cherries were carried by the container ship Lloyd Don Giovanni, the very first cherry express service from Evergreen Marine. 

The express service increases the port’s capacity to handle fruit and vegetable shipments, giving consumers more fresh products to choose from the market.  

It also helps the port further develop intermodal freight transport, bonded and cold chain logistics, in an effort to establish a modern industrial system that serves the Greater Bay Area. 

Several other consignments of cherries are expected to arrive at the port prior to the Chinese New Year.

inspection of cherries by customs 

“The Nansha Port area has the closest terminal to the Jiangnan Fruit Wholesale Market and has always been our first choice for the entry of fruit imports, for its leading efficiency in cargo handling and clearance,” a market official said. 

Major trade clients of the market have been importing coconut, durian and longan from Southeast Asia through the Nansha Port and are seeking to expand their product offerings both in number and variety.

Nansha International Logistics Center 

The Nansha Port area has well-equipped facilities for the storage and inspection of refrigerated goods. Delicate fruits such as cherries are permitted advance declaration and distribution upon unloading to achieve efficient and smooth clearance. 

Six eight-story cold storage facilities are currently under construction at the Nansha International Logistics Center, three of which are expected to be operational by the end of this year. The whole project will increase the port’s storage capacity by 460,000 tons and make it the largest port in South China for cold and fresh produce when completed.

Editor: Pauline Tai  


智利车厘子快线2.5小时完成卸船到市场,再次体现了唯快不破的“南沙速度”, 彰显了南沙口岸服务生鲜水果,打造冷链物流中心的能力、信心与决心。