MSC makes first ever avocado shipment from Colombia to China
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Chinese consumers are about to have their first ever taste of Colombian Hass avocados, thanks to MSC’s leading reefer cargo service. Twenty-eight tons of the fruit are now being transported from Buenaventura to Shanghai.

This milestone journey follows a 2019 trade agreement allowing Colombia to export avocados to China. MSC was chosen to carry out the first shipment for its solid experience in transporting perishable goods.

Moving avocados from one continent to another requires the highest level of care. MSC uses the advanced Controlled Atmosphere (CA) technology to slow down the ripening process and extend shelf-life.

By reducing oxygen concentration and increasing carbon dioxide, CA technology regulates the atmospheric composition inside the refrigerated containers throughout the journey. This allows fruit to travel long distances while retaining the same appearance, flavour and quality as when it was harvested.

Colombia is able to produce avocados throughout the year thanks to its proximity to the equator. The country ranks among the world’s top producers and exporters of this nutritious and increasingly popular fruit.

With demand for avocados continuing to soar in China, the future looks bright for Colombian growers. MSC says it is proud to support South American companies expanding their business beyond the continent.

In 2019, MSC transported more than 1.8 million TEUs of reefer cargo. The shipping company has been investing in the latest reefer technologies and recently added 5,000 new Star Cool CA units to their fleet.

Building on its efficient logistics service with worldwide coverage, MSC delivers a wide variety of exports from Latin America to the Chinese market, including meat, seafood, bananas, cotton, paper and wood products.

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通过多年的布局,地中海航运已在全球建立了由超过1000名冷藏专家组成的团队,可为每一步的货运提供详细指导。2019年,该公司在全球范围的冷藏箱运输量超过180万标准箱。为了满足国际市场对冷藏货物日益增长的需求,地中海航运正不断加大投资发展最佳的冷藏运输解决方案,并于今年2月为其船队增加了5000多台使用气调贮藏(CA)技术的Star Cool冷藏箱。