Guangzhou to Shenzhen in 35 minutes by water bus
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Nansha Passenger Port in Guangzhou inaugurated a direct water bus route to Fuyong Ferry Terminal near the Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport on June 28. The new service slashes the travel time from at least one hour and a half by road to only about 35 minutes.

The ferry route marks the first marine highway between Guangzhou and Shenzhen and efficiently bridges both sides of the Pearl River. Inter-city travel now becomes much easier through the speedy ferry service.

Passengers from Nansha can arrive at the Fuyong Ferry Terminal after a 35-minute ferry journey. Upon disembarking from the ship, they can enjoy a free shuttle bus ride and reach Terminal 3 at the Shenzhen Airport in 10 minutes. This creates a seamless sea-air connection and can avoid being stuck in traffic, which greatly reduces time for frequent travelers.

Free shuttle buses run frequently between the Fuyong Ferry Terminal and the Shenzhen Airport during the daytime.

Table-1 Shuttle bus time schedule

People in Guangzhou can take Metro Line 4 to the Nansha Passenger Port where three ferries trips are offered every day.

Table-2 Ferries schedule

The route is served by two luxurious and energy-saving catamarans, each with a spacious interior to hold some 200 people. The boats are noise proof and have well-equipped facilities including luggage racks, phone charging sockets and accessible lavatories, delivering a smooth and pleasant travel experience for passengers.

Seats are divided into three classes: standard, first class and VIP with different pricing.

Table-3 One-way ticket price of the ferry service (person/yuan)


1. A child under the height of 1.2 meters can travel with an adult passenger free of charge. Children with a height between 1.2 meters and 1.5 meters are required to buy a child ticket, while those over 1.5 meters should buy an adult ticket.

2. Those aged at 60 or above can buy a senior ticket.

3. Disabled veterans and aged persons are given priority in purchasing tickets.

Tickets are available for sale at both terminals or online through the official WeChat accounts of “珠江飞航” and “深圳机场码头”.


The water bus route will help to establish an integrated transportation system, enabling residents in Guangzhou and Shenzhen to live within an hour's commute. It is expected to expand further to connect the Pazhou Passenger Terminal currently being built in downtown Guangzhou. This will benefit more people and forge closer ties among cities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Editor: Pauline Tai 


珠江口东西两岸的广州南沙和深圳隔江相望,一直未有水上巴士连通,南沙客运港-深圳机场码头航线的开通填补了这个空白,有效联结起珠江东西两岸城市群,利用“机场 码头”的空海联运模式构建全方位、立体化交通出行体系。